Académie de Médecine Vétérinaire
Paris, Décembre 04, 1997
Contribution to the Scientific Approach of the Homoeopathic Doctrine
Yves LASNE & Rolland CONTE

An explicit model of High Dilutions used for therapeutical approach of the Homoeopathic Doctrine is presented. Heuristical points of view of High Dilution theory are reminded and experimental illustrations are shown.
Since two hundred years, the obtention of therapeutical results when using preparations having no active principles, with the Avogadro meaning, remains a scientific enigma. To answer to the Samuel HAHNEMANN question : << What really happens has to be at least possible>>, four authors propose a theoretical model and the experimental validation of the diluted-succussed solutions used in the therapeutical frame of the homoeopathic doctrine. The present work is multi disciplinary and interdisciplinary. It is presented in two books entitled Theory of High Dilutions & Experimental aspects (1). This lecture is focus on the heuristical points of view of the theory and on a synthesis of the experimental aspect.
Equipment and Method
Measures were carried on a large range of diluted-succussed solutions, prepared under different physico-chemical situations well controlled (2), on human biological liquids, animal biological liquids (cats, horses, cows, snakes...), organ extracts and on cellular cultures.
The theoretical methods applied are based on the current corpus of science: Theory of Ethers (3), Quantum Theory of the Relativistic Fields, Contonian Statistics (4).
The experimental methods are those commonly used: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Minispec from Brücker S.A), Liquid Scintillation (Tricarb 19006 from Packard S.A), computers (Hewlett Packard 200MHz, Power Macintosh 200MHz). The dilutions-succussions are performed according to the classical principles, the succussion machine designed by Ecosem S.A allowing not only to measure the energy introduced during the succussion but also to remake exactly the same each given diluted-succussed solution. Finally, various conventional equipment are also used: ultrasonic devices, magnetic field generators, incubators, freezers, automatic pipettes, and so on .....
White Holes and Hyper Protons
The theoretical calculations as well as the experimental results raise in evidence the following points:
The dilution process induces a progressive disappearance of the matter contained in a given milieu, disappearance that corresponds to a dematerialization and leads to the birth of what we have named "White Holes." This name was choose in opposition to the "Black Holes" of the astronomers in which the matter is infinitely concentrated when in our White Holes the matter has totally disappeared. When such White Holes exist in a given milieu, fields are created that induce an heterogeneity of the milieu. These fields will govern spatio-temporal singularities with regard to the molecules existing in the milieu. When one of these particles, neutron of the water for instance, is faced, at the quantum level, to what we have named a White Hole, it will not be able to decide, and that are quantum conditions, between two possibilities: disappear in this White Hole or continue on its line of universe with the Einstein meaning. This hesitation period will induce the modification of the quantum state of the particle.
- The succussion process will increase the encounter of the neutronic type physical fields, that are non charged and non magnetic, with the molecules of the milieu and induce what we have named Hyper Protons. These Hyper protons are virtual particles quantumly characterized which, under certain conditions and according to the masse exchange, will create, for instance, Hydrogen, Deuterium, Tritium. A such rematerialization depends on the gravitation and gives birth to Beta type radiations.
Tritium creation in homoeopathic solutions has been measured. Initially, the measured radioactivity of these solutions was equal to 20 CPM, that is to say 20 pulses/minute and, one year later, the radioactivity measured was of 414 CPM. This is indeed a low value but it represents the last step of the different rematerializations.
The fundamental equation that illustrates these reactions is given hereunder for memory. The electrons, under the influence of a materialization-dematerialization phenomenon and the influence of the gravitation correspond to the well known chronological products: Sum of the integral of the electronic energies multiplied by the gravitation variation.
We have been able to verify that the nuclear disintegrations induce the same phenomenon in the environmental milieu.  
Contonian Statistics
The contonian statistics, that is a non probabilistic statistics, consists in calculating the surface laying under a curve drawing and reporting these points as a function of the dilution-succussion levels. Such doing, the initial semi-chaotic aspect of the curve becomes perfectly linear. (Fig 1)
Figure 1  
From a such straight line, named Lagrangian, one evaluates the contonian frequency of the dynamic system, frequency that is simply expressed by: 2 Pi / maximum Lag. This contonian frequency is characteristic of the matter having disappear from the considered milieu whatever the nature of this milieu is: aqueous or non such as the lactose for instance.
So, the contonian statistics allows the coupling of dynamic systems and the calculation of the phases and of the phase displacements.
Pathologies may be considered as phase displacements, the diluted and succussed solutions being used to modified these phase displacements in order to bring back the health status.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance  
NMR consists in putting the milieu to be observed inside a permanent magnet and surrounding this magnet by a coil that is a radio-frequencies wave transmitter-receiver that leads to the protons orientation.
When protons are oriented, one will perturb them by radio-frequency waves. When the radio-frequencies are increased, the return time to the equilibrium is named T1 or spin-lattice relaxation time and, when they are decreased, the return time is named T2 or spin-spin relaxation time.
Right away, this method had given extremely different results for only diluted aqueous solutions and for diluted and succussed aqueous solutions. Such type of experiment is summarized on the figure 2.
Figure 2  
Measures are made on four nitric acid solutions, referred as 8CH, 18CH, 14CH, 29CH, the Avogadro number having be passed at the 12CH level. Then, these solutions are diluted and a new measure is done on each solution after the dilution. Then, one waits a certain time to allow the evolution of these solutions and a new measure is done on each solution. One of the solutions is noticeable: the one being lower than the Avogadro number, that is to say, the one that still contains some molecules: the 9CH, coming from the 8CH, increases spontaneously its relaxation time after the dilution, what corresponds to the continuation of dematerialization phenomenon, the dilution process inducing systematically a dematerialization.
If after this rest period the solutions are succussed, the relaxation time of all of them increases. If the relaxation times increase, that means that the dynamic of the milieu is also increased. Here we still have a translation of the mathematical theory:
- a step of White Holes creation linked to thedilution,
- a step of amplification of the phenomenon linked to the succussion.
Liquid Scintillation  
The theoretical prediction of the apparition of Beta type radiations during the rematerialization was experimentally raised in evidence by autoradiography and, even better, by Liquid Scintillation counting.
Thanks to this technics, we have been able to calculate the energy of the Beta emitted by homoeopathic solutions, by biological milieus, by plants... This approach allowed us to quantify the phenomenon intensity not only in the diluted-succussed solutions but also in biological milieus. (Figure 3).
Figure 3  
According to the quantum theory, in our formalization, gravitation impacts on the materialization-dematerialization. As shown by the dates mentioned on this figure, experiments started on May 1st, 1996. They are still in progress.

This figure shows the gravitation curve calculated according to Newton and representing the gravitation variations as well as the curve of the variations of the Beta activity measured on biological milieus. This figure presents the average between the serum of an obese, serum of a cancer victim, a reference serum and a reference urine. Each of these aspects can be differentiated. An obese does not have the same amplitude than a cancer victim who, himself, does not have the same amplitudes than the reference.

Using the Liquid Scintillation, we could also show that the wave-energy lengths of the Beta radiations are between 0,1 and 60 KeV, the Beta spectrum are a function of the dilution level and still exist beyond the Avogadro number. Figure 4 illustrates results related to histaminum.
Figure 4  
Discussion - Conclusion  
Results obtained the two past years have confirmed the previous measurements and the proposed model has not be in question. At the present time, our works are consistent and coherent.
In this first step, the aim of our work was the following: insert the diluted-succussed solution within the Corpus of Science and, so doing, give a scientific basis to the Homoeopathic Doctrine.
Beyond the explanatory aspect, the mastery of the solutions preparation is ensured, allowing so to control and quantify their effects in vitro as well as in vivo.
As a conclusion, it can be said that the expected contribution of this new theory must be of prime importance.
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